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Upholstered furniture manufacturer since 2019


About us

Sime Beds is an upholstered furniture manufacturing company founded in Tõrva in Valgamaa in 2019, and our team leader has experience in furniture production and sewing for over 20 years. Our goal is always to make high-quality, durable, and comfortable furniture, which is why we cooperate with reliable suppliers of raw materials whose quality we can be sure of.


In our selection, you can find models in different price categories, which can be ordered with the softness and design that suits you, and you can choose a pleasant covering material from among hundreds of different fabrics. The product range includes beds, spring mattresses, mattress covers, and ottomans in various sizes.  Since 2023, we also produce various fold-out and corner sofas in our Tõrva production facility. Our furniture is comfortable, practical, and easy to assemble, and the timeless design and durability ensure that our furniture will be enjoyed for many years.


​In addition to Estonian-based sales, we export our products to Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany.






Mattress topper

All of our mattress covers have a zipper on three sides for convenient removal of the cover fabric. Be sure to observe the washing temperature, which is 30 ℃, when washing the cover. The cover may shrink slightly from its original size after washing, so covers should be stretched while still damp, immediately after washing.

Turning and rotating

In order to prolong the life of both spring and mattress toppers, we recommend turning and rotating them a few times a year to prevent sagging. Both the upper and lower parts of the mattresses, as well as the headboard and footboard, should be changed.

Base surface

The mattress should not be placed directly on the floor or in the bed without a base with good airflow, as in this case moisture may accumulate in the mattress and mold may form due to poor ventilation. Also, the springs and foam layers of the mattress are damaged by jumping on it or pressing one place for a long time (for example, constantly sitting on one edge of the mattress).


When changing the bed linen, it is recommended to clean the mattress as well to prevent the reproduction of dust mites and harmful bacteria. A vacuum cleaner nozzle with a brush is well suited for this. Lighter stains can also be removed with a damp cloth and a natural cleaning detergent. It is always wise to use less detergent to avoid new stains.

Collaborations and special orders


Beds and other furniture

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