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CNC and cut-off saw

We use a Selco panel saw to cut wooden parts, which ensures high productivity and uniform quality of the parts.


We use a Biesse Rover CNC bench, known for its precision, quality and high performance, to process the details.

Thanks to the equipment, we can produce a variety of complex products that require special curves and machining.

The device allows the material to be cut and processed into parts of different shapes, which gives technologists more opportunities in product development, and the accuracy of the parts helps speed up the production process.


We manufacture products according to the customers wishes and needs. We accept both large production orders and small special orders.


By producing our beds ourselves from start to finish, we can closely monitor the quality of the raw material and the final product. In the production of the frame, we use only solid wood and plywood, thus ensuring the long durability of the furniture. All frames are assembled by our own employees who have long-term experience in this field.


We choose our material suppliers very carefully, so we can be sure of the quality of their products. It is very important to us that the raw material used is procured in an honest way and comes from a well-managed forest. We also have an FCS certificate. FCS certification gives us the assurance that the product comes from responsibly managed forests. The wood supply chain certificate confirms that wood from responsibly managed forests is used in production and that this material is traceable at all stages of production and distribution - from the forest manager to the end product producer.


In addition to manufacturing our own products, we also offer outsourcing services to our cooperation partners. We can solve even the most complex challenges.

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