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Pocket machine

We produce all the pockets used in our production ourselves. We manufacture spring blocks in two heights - 13 cm and 16 cm. The basic range includes 1.8 and 2.0 wire.

The springs are installed in fiber fabric pouches. The spring strips are glued together with thermal glue, which ensures long-term durability. The number of springs per square meter varies between 250-500 pcs/m2.


The spring machine provides us with wide possibilities. We can offer our customers both a 5-zone ergonomic suspension as well as a honeycomb pocket solution with a spring density of 500 units/m2.


Each spring undergoes separate quality control and hardening, which means that the suspension has a long-term guarantee.


In addition to our own production, we also offer a pocket manufacturing service to our cooperation partners as an outsourcing. Our pockets are used by several sofa and bed manufacturers in Estonia.

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