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We have long-term experience in working with a quilting machine and offer a comprehensive quilting service - our work is fast, accurate and of high quality.


We produce all the mattress toppers for our production ourselves and use different quilting patterns and materials.

Our selection includes batting from 80g/m to 500g/m thick. We make quilts with stretchy stretch fabric, which is used on mattress toppers and spring mattresses. We also quilt thick furniture fabric used on sofas and bed ends. There are also solutions for day blankets.


We also offer a full service to our cooperation partners, who can order from us exactly the kind of solution they need at the moment.

Contact us if you are interested in quilting and quilted products - such as bedspreads, day quilts, base materials, bed and mattress covers.

We can use both your and our own fabric for quilting. We cut the quilted fabric as large as needed.

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